Somewhere Over The Knee-bow


It's finally September which means it's literally less than 20 days till it's officially AUTUMN. I mean my birthday is in a couple of days but I am more excited for it to be Autumn than turning 22 (luckily for my baby face, I can still pass for an 18 year old). When in Autumn it's only right that you own at least one pair of knee high boots if you're die hard fashion obsessed like myself! But fear not If you are struggling to find the perfect pair of knee high/over the knee boots then head over to ASOS (my #1 goto fashion website) as they have a selection of different brands and styles that may fit your needs.

Back when over the knee boots were just coming into the fashion scene, you wouldn't have caught me dead wearing them, I didn't even have anything against them, I just believed that because I was and I still am a very petite girl, I could never pull them off properly. I cried myself to sleep countless nights praying that one day I will wake up with Naomi Campbell legs but I must have been doing something wrong for my prayers not to be getting answered right?!

If you're a petite girl like myself, depending on the length of your legs, then get yourselves a pair of over the knee boots this Autumn, just go for it! Not only are they fashionable and versatile but I promise you, if you want people to think you have what it takes to be the Next Top Model then go for it, buy that over the knee boots and slay these bitches who look down on you (literally).
Above are a few of my favorites that I hope to grab and feed my shoedrobe with very soon. If you're loving any of the boots above, just click on the picture and it should direct you to the right page to purchase them. Let me know what your favourite autumn staples are in the comments down below and I shall catch you in my next post. 
© Love, Mayer