I'm Doing My Best..


Now that Uni is literally back round the corner, I have been meaning to sort myself out and get my organisational skills back to 100%. I am the queen of procrastination (like I literally put the pro in procrastination) so when this journal caught my eye when I was having a little browse in Waterstones I knew I had to own this journal for giggles and development in my life. I'm all about having good energy around me and surrounding myself with positive vibes, so when I found out the inside of this journal was filled with daily uplifting quotes I just knew it was meant to be! I really want this journal to help me one day identify and monitor my progress in life so I guess in a way I haven't wasted my money on it, right?!
I am tres excited to let my consciousness flow through jotting down everything that's on my mind, I'm just hoping the procrastinating sloth in me doesn't get sidetracked along the way and abandons this journal!
© Love, Mayer