Foxy Lashes


I used to have an unhealthy obsession with false eyelashes, like to the point where I would wear false lashes every single day! But that was back in the day when I didn't have much confidence in myself and I used to just doll myself up to the point where I actually liked looking like a deformed Harajuku girl. Sometimes I would wear 3/4 sets of eyelashes on top of each other because well, I could and I wanted to! That's the past anyway, lets leave that behind shall we and lock it up so we never have to revisit that lane ever again.

Now that I am older and I'm looking after myself a lot better, I still like to glam myself up once in a while and make my eyes pop with some falsies. I only ever go for the natural lashes now and let me tell you, FoxyLocks lashes are my savior. The ones I swear by are the 'Lovely Lashes', they are a mix of long and short human hair on a clear band. I can even get away with wearing these lashes in the day time to add a bit of glamour to my look as they are not fake looking one bit. The amount of compliments I get as well from people asking me if my eyelashes are that long and fabulous is amazing and believe me part of me wants to lie and make my head enormous with the compliments but then I snap back into reality and have to give a big shout out to Imogen who is the founder of FoxyLocks. 

The eyelashes don't however come with glue but if you invest in a good lash glue (my fave being DUO lash glue) you won't have the stress of repurchasing/replacing lash glue every day/week. The lashes are also reusable which I find it hard with other lash brands and I am not even kidding you right now when I say I am on my 7/8th wear with these lashes. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. 

FoxyLocks lashes are priced at £4.00 a pair and you can purchase them from the website:
I would love to know your experiences with these lashes, so feel free to leave a comment below and lets have a FoxyLocks goss! 
© Love, Mayer