Acne Coverage Make Up Routine


This post is dedicated to anyone who is insecure with skin issues. I want to reach out to you all and let you know that you are not alone in this! Finding the confidence to accept my flaws has been a big achievement for me this year and I am truly truly proud of myself for doing this video because there was a time I didn't want anyone to see my problematic skin and judge me. 

I want to share with you my basic make up routine with you guys as I always get complimented on how 'nice' my skin is. Realistically, it's a huge misconception on how I present my face to the public to my real fresh face. I am not my skin, I am not perfect and having the skill to enhance my facial features is a true blessing. I love looking the way I want people to see me and it's always nice looking well presentable right?! I absolutely love the art of make up and I love expressing myself through it. 

I don't wear make up every day as I love to let my skin breathe but going to work or meeting friends, I like to look well kept! So with that being said, here is my go to make up routine which provides a natural look with full coverage to cover up them pesky imperfections. 

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© Love, Mayer