I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22


A month today I will be turning 22 and in prep for that dreadful experience (I DON'T WANT TO GROW UP!!!!!) I thought I might spend the day reflecting on my life and share with you 22 lessons I have learnt from 22 years of my life: 

Smile. Smile more. If someone does not smile at you, don't mirror their actions, get rid of that resting bitch face and be generous and offer them your smile. Nobody needs more a smile than the one that cannot smile to others! 

Save your money! As much as you want to spend your money on them new S/S Sophia Webster heels that have just been added to the sale section.. do not do it. They'll probably be out of season by the time you finish reading this post. Now I am not telling you you cannot treat yourself once in a while but saving your money for a rainy day (JUST A SAYING, cause we all know in England it rains cats and dogs 24/7) will be the best decision you ever made. Cause I can tell you right now, the older you get the more life gets expensive and you're going to need all the money you can get in order to travel, or buy your own car or even pay off that holiday phone bill that you totally forgot to buy a holiday bundle for! (ugh the nightmare!)

Be grateful for what you have. Each day is a blessing, so let go of all the worries. Your life is much better than many people's lives out there.

Don’t take life so seriously! Let your hair down and be a free spirit. 

Don't be a sheep. Be your own person. In the world that we live in so many people try too hard to fit in and go with what everyone else is doing, it's not cute. THINK and FEEL what YOU want! 

HUMBLE YOURSELF. There's nothing more annoying than a conceited bitch. (There, I said it!)

A good book can save your life. 'The Secret - Rhonda Byrne'

'Bored' is something you should refuse to ever feel!

Don’t ever settle. Whether it's a relationship, a job or anything else, you deserve the best. Which brings me onto... 

Do what you love and love what you do. The saying, “If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life,” is true. I beg you to find out what inspires you and what your dreams are and set yourself to accomplish them. 

Not everyone is going to like you. They may lack in common sense and that's okay. FUCK THEM.

Remove toxic people from your life. You don't deserve to have a toxic life, so why should you have poisonous souls trying to get up all in your positive life. Believe me when I say this, you will notice a HUGE difference in your life when you eliminate the toxic people from your circle. 

Keep your circle small. I can count the people who I wholeheartedly trust on one hand and I am so happy with that. It is not normal being friends with everyone so therefore keep your circle small so you appreciate the one's you call your friends and family. 

You're going to lose friends. It's okay!

Your heart is your best compass. Listen to it. Follow it. Do what it wants and what it says!

Travel. Take advantage of any and every opportunity to travel. Learn about new places and ways of life. Meet new people along the way. Make memories. See the world. 

Don't look back. You can't change the past no matter how bad you wish you could so live for now and look forward to the future. 

Stop hating on your appearance. You will never look like the girls on instagram that are famous for their looks. The insta famous girls don't even look like the insta famous girls. You were not designed to be like or look like anyone else on this earth so stop that! 

Respect yourself. You deserve the very best. 

Respect others. It's simple, treat others the way you want to be treated! 

Don't depend on anyone or anything but yourself for your own happiness. You are not Mona Lisa, so don't depend on any man to draw a smile on your face. YOU control your own brush and YOU decide how to paint your own reality.

And last but certainly not least, stop worrying so much. It will be okay in the end.

© Love, Mayer